This book is a requiem. It is a tribute to those participants in the Revolution of
Dignity who gave their hearts' blood so that Ukraine and all of us Ukrainians could
raise from our knees. So that we could start to change our country, and our posterity
could have a chance to live in a new Ukraine.
The characters of this book are ordinary people from all over this country
who come from all walks of life—migrant workers, scientific researchers, private
entrepreneurs, school teachers... If it hadn't been for the Maidan, they wouldn't have
met each other. It is the Maidan that united them and turned them into brothers-inarms
and warriors of light.
This book was written to ensure that the memory of the great act of self-sacrifice
of the heroes of the Celestial Hundred never dies and lives forever in the hearts of
Ukrainians. This book is the silent reminder to us all about the price that was paid for
our freedom and for a chance for our Motherland to become a truly European country.

  • Подарунок: Немає
  • ISBN: 978-966-03-8443-9
  • Видавець: Фоліо
  • Автор: K. Bohdanovych, H. Bondareva, Yu. Bukhtoyarova and others
  • Тип книги: Електронна книга
  • Мова продукту: English
  • Кількість сторінок: 208
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